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Atheism is normal.

This #NormalizeAtheism campaign is important because it's a gentle and non-confrontational approach to eliminating any stigma against atheists, and to responding constructively to vilification of an entire world-wide demographic of people who don't believe in deities (goddesses and gods).

Because it's normal to not believe things (since the preqreuisite for belief is possessing at least a partial concept of what is to be believed).

Why atheism, in particular?
Because atheism, which is the absence of belief in deities (goddesses and gods), is the default (or "null hypothesis" in terms of logic and philosophy).

Are you implying that believing in goddesses or gods is not normal?
No; this is a response to misinformed attitudes about atheists.  We want atheists (people who don't believe in deities) to be regarded as normal members of society, just like theists (people who do believe in one or more deities).

What are you trying to achieve?
Equality:  We're advocating for the equal treatment of atheists, particularly in the sense that instead of being stigmatized or vilified we should be regarded with the same respect as theists.

For example, when a person says they believe in one or more goddesses or gods, it's common for that to be accepted as normal; and instead of being treated as if we're "on the wrong path" or that there's something wrong with us for not believing, atheists should receive the same presumption of normalcy.

How does normalizing atheism help the world?
Normalizing atheism means that people aren't stigmatized or vilified for not believing in deities, which eliminates unnecessary problems and stress from peoples' lives and leads to the emergence of more enriched societies that can support a higher overall quality of life for everyone.

How can I help to promote the normalization of atheism?
There are a number of things you can do:
  • Share this web site with others (
  • Use any or all of the following hashtags when posting about atheism on social media
    • #atheism
    • #AtheismIsNormal
    • #NormalizeAtheism
  • Spell the words "atheism" and "atheist" with the small/lower-case letter "a" (to present atheism as a demographic in a neutral and impartial manner)
  • Promote atheism as the "absence of belief in deities"
  • Politely object to attempts to stigmatize atheism or to vilify atheists (even minimal objections that don't include explanations are still helpful; but if someone does ask for an explanation, one option is to direct them to this web site)
  • Join or donate to your national atheism organization (follow this link for a partial list)
  • Join or donate to your local atheism organization(s)